Academic  »  Foundation Stage
8.30–8.45 Self Registration and fine motor skill activities
8.45–9.00 Carpet session: Literacy (looking at a class book, talking about it, asking questions, acting out, writing)
9.00–9.30 Focused sessions: Literacy or Maths (these are linked with the carpet session)
9.30–10.10 Learning Carousel: Children choose what they want to do and learn through play. Teachers work with groups to extend their learning and understanding. This is indoor and outdoor.
10.10–10.30 Phonics
10.30–11.30 Learning Carousel and preparation for lunch time
Collective Worship including meditation
LUNCH   Lunch prasadam (blessed food) served. Children then play with Year 1 and Year 2 in the big playground. There are lots of games for children to be engaged with.
AFTERNOON 1.00–1.20 Carpet session: Maths
1.20–1.45 Focused sessions: Literacy or Maths (these are linked with the carpet session)
1.45–2.30 Learning Carousel
2.30–2.45 Tidy up time: Teaching children to tidy up, take responsibility and care for their learning spaces.
2.55–3.10 Story time and closing meditation

There is a balance of formal focused sessions and Learning carousel which is an opportunity for children to play and learn through play. Teachers support and extend learning through questioning, engagement with learners and providing resources for them to explore further.


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